"As he experiences some adversity we are seeing more of Vettel: unspoiled by success, blaming no else, praising Ricciardo for doing better"

—Gerald Donaldson (F1 journalist)
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"Q: You’re not the Vettel we’re used to… You look quite down, your body language…
SV: It’s just because I’m thinking a lot about the car."

—Sebastian Vettel
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Michael Schumacher

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Michael Schumacher

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Daniel Ricciardo | Chinese Grand Prix

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"I think Daniel is doing a very good job, he has not just had one good weekend, he had good weekends and so far he seems to be able to get the maximum out of the car. On my side, maybe I’m struggling a little bit more, but at the end of the day we have the same car - there’s nothing between cars, so if he manages to beat me, then he beats me on the circuit, fair and square. Of course, that’s not to my liking but equally, I know that I have to do a little bit better."

—Vettel admits Ricciardo is beating him ‘fair and square’
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